So this is the painting that I recently did using the below photo as inspiration. I’m thinking of doing a bit of a kitchen series…….


God I love other people’s houses!!!! The above and below shots were taken at a very cutie-pie apartment – gorgeous colour combo’s and mini still-life’s abounded- I just couldn’t stop taking snaps. I really like how all the reds are echoed from tomatoes to cups to jug in the above shot, and who can resist a chi-chi bathroom in baby pink!

Stitchery: Red Alert

June 11, 2008

The above jacket comes courtesy of ‘Very Easy Vogue’ – V8414. I’ve made my version in a cherry red polyester crepe and lined the collar with a contrasting cotton fabric and I had the buttons made a to match. The jacket has three pleats in the back and elbow length sleeves. check out to get the low down. A dress pattern is also part of the package

What to do with purple velvet, silver beads and feathers? Why not get all Moulin Rouge and whip up a fetching corset! This is the latest issuing from my stitching room – basically a store bought boned corset covered with super soft velvet and dripping with beads.

In this side view you can see all the puffs and fluffs of feathers and tulle I’ve added at the back to form a bustle. I’ve also made a mini skirt and draped a swathe of fabric across the front, edging it with fringing for extra effect.

Fab Twigs: wrap ’em up

October 31, 2007



 Transform your humble twigs into sticky showpieces. Achieve the above effect by wrapping strips of bright fabrics from twig-tip to twig-tip and stitch in place. Did someone say sculptural? Devestatingly handsome when propped in a vase or scattered free-form about the home. Keep this in mind for an alt. Christmas tree option………. 




Lara Cameron is the designer behind these gorgeous fabrics. She’s a Melbourne based graphic designer with a talent for textile design. They’re available at Melbourne boutiques… You can also go straight to the source and have a squizz at her online shop and Also check out her fantastic poster range!!! I’ve just ordered my very own ‘Craft Tree’! see below…………..






Lonely Moose

Melbourne based artist Daniel Dorall makes miniature mazes. The above is a teeny tiny 5cm x 5cm x 5cm! Dorall’s mazes trap humans and animals in strange and scary situations. Beautiful, frightening and funny, I think Doralls miniatures are destined for greatness!

Find out more about Daniel

He’s represented by Dianne Tanzer Gallery in Melbourne with a show coming up in September 2008 

Bags: I made two!

September 13, 2007


A personal triumph above. This cute lil’ bag I made without a pattern and I just didn’t know if it would work. The bellow bag pattern was traced from a ‘Green’ bag from Coles supermarket. I fused two layers of fabric together to create a lining.




Boots: Not made for walking

September 13, 2007


Emma Greenwood is the master footwear designer behind these beautiful paper shoes. ‘The Spectrum Boot’ is made entirely out of paint swatches and is feat (pun intended as always) of engineering. Greenwood has made a range of shoes out of paper products  – such as cards, stamps, cardboard and patty pan cases for her window show at Craft Victoria.

 to read more visit



As always after I return to Melbs from our frosty little Isle I am gripped by Tasmania Mania. What does it? Is it the verdant hills? The glorious old buildings? The crafty peops? I think the latter. Tara Badcock (see above) in one such crafter who is championing the cause of the much maligned Tea Cosy. Authoress of ‘The Tea Cosy Manifesto’ she is determined to see cosies restored to their rightful place – at the centre of our lives.


To truely appreciate the depth of Tara’s love for the Cosy visit

Also recommended reading is a story I did on Tara recently – go on, have a read luvies!