Cooking: It’s got dots, it’s got spots……

May 9, 2007


Tickle your friends hot pink with a birthday cake to knock their socks off. A humble packet cake mix is given an artistic flourish using dollar dazzler super glam sprinkles. A steady hand is all it takes! Get 11 out of 10 for using matching plate and table cloth!


One Response to “Cooking: It’s got dots, it’s got spots……”

  1. josefina said

    i made a cake once when i was little for my birthday party. my mum said i could make it whatever i liked.

    previous cakes my mum had made included the ol’ classic piano cake with white chocolate white keys and licorice black keys. she even made a teeny tiny sheet music with the actual notes of ‘happy birthday to you’ on it. she’d made my brother an amazing cake with all of his cowboys and indians once too.

    well the cake that i made was going to be a swimming pool with people around it and stuff. i guess i thought that was cool. i made it in a lamington tin so the cake was large, rectangular and flat. then i proceeded to add a million little lollies and multi-coloured icing in a kind of abstract fashion. i don’t think anyone knew what it was. and in the end it was pretty lame. and i had to have it as my birthday cake at my birthday party.

    i would much more preferred this spotty cake. i like the colours. and i love those sprinkles.

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