Craft: Storybook mash-up!!

May 20, 2007

You’ll never guess the ending of this story book mash up. Tear up some pretty picture books, a couple of microwave cooking ones and a 70’s pattern book and shuffle them like a stack of cards to make your very own story book. Grab your UHU glue and cut and paste pics and text in a Devil may care fashion. To make sense of the mess use a bit of Letraset or your best handwriting to tell a tale of your own.

My hot tip is to go to the op-shop and head for the hard backs. Dust jackets can conceal some very pretty covers like the one I found below. In lieu of bookbinding skills a dainty belt from Nanna’s ‘Day at the races’ frock holds all the pages together.







2 Responses to “Craft: Storybook mash-up!!”

  1. Embo Jones said

    I luv it!

  2. josefina said

    wouldn’t you freak out if you were randomly looking at this blog and the photo of that little girl (from the pattern book?) was you.

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