Fashion: Clothes for Modern Lovers…..

May 29, 2007


Time to turn back the digital clock. It’s 1980 and Katie Pye is an Australian fashion designer busy taking shoulders to new widths, using colours only bees can see and dropping waistlines to legwarmed knees. Fast forward to 2007 and a technicolour retrospective of her work is so loud it’s screaming out of the National Gallery of Victoria at Federation Square. The exhibition, ‘Clothes for modern lovers’  is a fantastic, and retina burning, rewind to the days when all the colours of the rainbow got a look-in. Also great to see is ‘Apocalypse Wear’ –  you know, that Mad Max inspired look of shredded fabrics, layers of burlap and feet bandaged like they’ve been treading a nuke scorched earth. Pop on some RayBans and check it out.

The next best thing is online……………..


One Response to “Fashion: Clothes for Modern Lovers…..”

  1. Emily said

    My EYES!

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