Cooking: 8th wonder of the world – Jelly Oranges!!!

June 12, 2007

I don’t know about you, but I believed in Jelly Oranges long after I’d given up on Santa Claus. These amazing treats added magic to many a childrens party and I was lucky enough to exprience their quivering beauty once more as an adult when a friend found some mysteriously growing in her fridge.

To make your own simply cut some navel oranges in half and eviscerate them! Fill the halves with jelly and leave to set. The wonder really happens when you slice them in half and they look like they’ve defied gravity, God and good sense. Delicious!


3 Responses to “Cooking: 8th wonder of the world – Jelly Oranges!!!”

  1. Emily said

    These were delicious! You can also put sprinkles in the jelly!

  2. Estelle said

    O Ruby fruit! Sweet orange jelly delight! how sweet and delicious your glucose jewels are. What a great party we had, thank you for the lovley gifts Jen.
    Viva La gelata valencia!

  3. This concept seems outrageous to me- Jelly in an orange?? Oh EOTN, you are the living end!

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