Bags: I made two!

September 13, 2007


A personal triumph above. This cute lil’ bag I made without a pattern and I just didn’t know if it would work. The bellow bag pattern was traced from a ‘Green’ bag from Coles supermarket. I fused two layers of fabric together to create a lining.





4 Responses to “Bags: I made two!”

  1. amyb said

    well they look just fabulous you clever clogs. and the material you’ve used suits the designs as well. i only wish i could make something as good…

  2. Those are really impressive handmade creations. Great work, where can we buy them?

  3. thanks! so far they are one-of-a-kind….those two almopst killed me!

    xo – eyeoftheneedle

  4. caitlin Fischer said

    I just love your bag, I wish that I am that good at making something without a pattern. I just LOVE this bag is wish you could give a me a hint or something so I am at least try making it. thank you.

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