Miniatures: One very lonely moose……

October 2, 2007


Lonely Moose

Melbourne based artist Daniel Dorall makes miniature mazes. The above is a teeny tiny 5cm x 5cm x 5cm! Dorall’s mazes trap humans and animals in strange and scary situations. Beautiful, frightening and funny, I think Doralls miniatures are destined for greatness!

Find out more about Daniel

He’s represented by Dianne Tanzer Gallery in Melbourne with a show coming up in September 2008 


2 Responses to “Miniatures: One very lonely moose……”

  1. Cath said

    dun. dun dun dun. dun dun daaaaa. Its so comforting to see another blogger who doesnt do categories – a bit too high tech for me. let me know if next tuesday doesnt work, I am BUSTING to come and have a poke around. is there a best time?

  2. Hiya! Tuesday’s a total goer. I’ll be there from 10 until 5.


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