Sewing: Show It Girl!!!

June 2, 2008

What to do with purple velvet, silver beads and feathers? Why not get all Moulin Rouge and whip up a fetching corset! This is the latest issuing from my stitching room – basically a store bought boned corset covered with super soft velvet and dripping with beads.

In this side view you can see all the puffs and fluffs of feathers and tulle I’ve added at the back to form a bustle. I’ve also made a mini skirt and draped a swathe of fabric across the front, edging it with fringing for extra effect.


3 Responses to “Sewing: Show It Girl!!!”

  1. goffcouture said

    Wow this looks amazing! Could you post some pics of the whole thing too?

  2. Josefina said

    yeah, can’t see the whole thing. looks fab – although i read somewhere that kylie isn’t doing the whole showgirl look anymore – it seems she’s getting old 😦

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