Photography: I like your house

June 20, 2008

God I love other people’s houses!!!! The above and below shots were taken at a very cutie-pie apartment – gorgeous colour combo’s and mini still-life’s abounded- I just couldn’t stop taking snaps. I really like how all the reds are echoed from tomatoes to cups to jug in the above shot, and who can resist a chi-chi bathroom in baby pink!


3 Responses to “Photography: I like your house”

  1. Bean said

    Sometimes I go to open-for-inspections just to look at other people’s stuff. Great when it’s terrific and great when it’s awful.

  2. EmilyKate said

    I agree with Bean! You can see what awful taste people have and thus feel better about your own, or, get great new ideas!!

  3. chinagirl said

    great lighting. love the half prepared food – or is it leftovers? do you have any more in this series?

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