So this is the painting that I recently did using the below photo as inspiration. I’m thinking of doing a bit of a kitchen series…….



Lonely Moose

Melbourne based artist Daniel Dorall makes miniature mazes. The above is a teeny tiny 5cm x 5cm x 5cm! Dorall’s mazes trap humans and animals in strange and scary situations. Beautiful, frightening and funny, I think Doralls miniatures are destined for greatness!

Find out more about Daniel

He’s represented by Dianne Tanzer Gallery in Melbourne with a show coming up in September 2008 

Boots: Not made for walking

September 13, 2007


Emma Greenwood is the master footwear designer behind these beautiful paper shoes. ‘The Spectrum Boot’ is made entirely out of paint swatches and is feat (pun intended as always) of engineering. Greenwood has made a range of shoes out of paper products  – such as cards, stamps, cardboard and patty pan cases for her window show at Craft Victoria.

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As always after I return to Melbs from our frosty little Isle I am gripped by Tasmania Mania. What does it? Is it the verdant hills? The glorious old buildings? The crafty peops? I think the latter. Tara Badcock (see above) in one such crafter who is championing the cause of the much maligned Tea Cosy. Authoress of ‘The Tea Cosy Manifesto’ she is determined to see cosies restored to their rightful place – at the centre of our lives.


To truely appreciate the depth of Tara’s love for the Cosy visit

Also recommended reading is a story I did on Tara recently – go on, have a read luvies!

Teeth: Brush them!

August 8, 2007

This is not a real set of rotten teeth. I sculpted these out of wax and they are going to be cast in bronze. Hopefully they will look a little healthier when they lose the brown! Will post pics when they’re done!





Craft: Tasmanian Talents

July 17, 2007


Crafter of creepiness, Catherine Badcock makes plush toys with mayhem on their minds. Each unique manifestation of evil is handmade and embellished with felt bones and meat chunks! A no-no for the nursery but a must for the mantle piece  – these are adorably threatening. To see more pics visit Cat’s site

Or read more about her in the following article


Tasmanian Natalie Holstbaum is a jeweller who makes the everyday extraodinary. This brooch is an example of her use of recycled materials  – lino and carpet in this case –  to make her beautiful pieces. To see more of her work online have a Bo Peep at her website

To read more about her use of recycled materials in her jewellery check out….