God I love other people’s houses!!!! The above and below shots were taken at a very cutie-pie apartment – gorgeous colour combo’s and mini still-life’s abounded- I just couldn’t stop taking snaps. I really like how all the reds are echoed from tomatoes to cups to jug in the above shot, and who can resist a chi-chi bathroom in baby pink!



What a happy accident it was to spot this 80’s lighting display! Was staring bleary eyed at the ground when I was totally blindsided by this Pink Floyd inspired arrangement of rainbow and light shard!!!!


Yo check out the colour spectrum! What a hot Rainbow!!!! I was lucky enough to catch this curvy on my recent trip to Tasmania. This photo was taken in the historic Battery Point district and my, didn’t Mother Nature make a postcard out of the scene for me when I went ot have a look! 

I was on an Art and Craft Odyssey, checking out the terrific work of local talents working around Tasmania and saw some beautiful work. I’ll be posting links and pics of what I saw very soon!


A picture perfect place by the sea…………



And spying through a closed shop window I saw these shadowy characters!