As always after I return to Melbs from our frosty little Isle I am gripped by Tasmania Mania. What does it? Is it the verdant hills? The glorious old buildings? The crafty peops? I think the latter. Tara Badcock (see above) in one such crafter who is championing the cause of the much maligned Tea Cosy. Authoress of ‘The Tea Cosy Manifesto’ she is determined to see cosies restored to their rightful place – at the centre of our lives.


To truely appreciate the depth of Tara’s love for the Cosy visit http://www.teacosyrevolutiontara.blogspot.com/

Also recommended reading is a story I did on Tara recently – go on, have a read luvies!http://www.theprogram.net.au/featuresSub.asp?id=5011&state=1



Yo check out the colour spectrum! What a hot Rainbow!!!! I was lucky enough to catch this curvy on my recent trip to Tasmania. This photo was taken in the historic Battery Point district and my, didn’t Mother Nature make a postcard out of the scene for me when I went ot have a look! 

I was on an Art and Craft Odyssey, checking out the terrific work of local talents working around Tasmania and saw some beautiful work. I’ll be posting links and pics of what I saw very soon!


A picture perfect place by the sea…………



And spying through a closed shop window I saw these shadowy characters!